Technical Name Real Time vestibular measurement and rehabilitation device
Project Operator Minghsin University of Science and Technology
Project Host 邱昆益
This device provides vestibular function measurement and training. The total weight is only 17 kilograms. It is the lightest vestibular measurement and treatment device at present. It can be moved freely and is not restricted by fixed lab. The instant vestibular measurement device provides three important functions, namely: 1. Measurement of vestibular orientation ability. 2. Sensory acuity measurement of the vestibule. 3. Programmable rehabilitation activity design. The orientation ability of the vestibule can reflect the subject's cognitive ability for dynamic orientation. In addition, in the vestibular acuity measurement part, it can reflect that the case can perceive the fine rotation of the vestibule. The third training function is to provide the purpose of intensive training. This function can adjust the parameters individually according to the needs of the case to achieve the purpose of individual training.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. The device is only 17 kilograms, which is currently the lightest vestibular measurement and training device.
2. Mainly provide three important functions: 1. Measurement of vestibular orientation ability. 2. Fine vestibular acuity measurement. 3. Programmable training activity design.
3. The base structure adopts swastika shape to increase the stability, so three semicircular canals can be tested.
4. This device adopts wireless tablet computer control and wireless remote control, which is not interfered by wire.
Industrial Applicability
This patent has industrial utilization value. In terms of medical applications, first, the "Vestibular Acuity Detection" of this device can be commonly used in the detection of vestibular disorders. Second, the "orientation ability test" can determine the spatial cognition and orientation ability of children in preschool education and early treatment. The third application focus is on "programmable automatic training mode". In addition to being measurable, this device can also provide case treatment and training functions to improve the current situation.
Keyword Vestibular measurement device Vestibular system Three semicircular canals Orientation ability Spatial cognition meniere's disease Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Vertigo Programmable automatic training
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