• Technical Name
  • Submerged fuel cell navigation beacon light
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  • National Taiwan Ocean University
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  • 李弘彬
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  • lhb6018@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology can be applied in life-saving apparatus, navigation beacon and buoy net tracker, which consist of buoy, signal light, GPS device, submerged fuel cell and control module. Buoy body is divided into top compartment and lower compartment. The top compartment is for the installment of signal light and GPS device while the lower compartment contains several separate spaces for placement of submerged fuel cells. Our invention for this life-saving apparatus or navigation beacon, when placed in the ocean, can float in open water and generate the required electricity from the fuel cells to power the device until its life ends.
Scientific Breakthrough Using ultrasonic spray technology to form sub-micron spray characteristics by atomizing slurry (C-Pt) and can control the film thickness (<5μm) to achieve a continuous and uniform film uniformly and effectively. Improve material utilization, spray on nickel foam in a uniform and environmentally friendly way to form a porous gas diffusion layer electrode, increase the contact area of the three-phase interface of gas, liquid and solid, and improve the catalytic activity of the cathode surface of the battery.
Industrial Applicability Our technology combines the application of water induced electricity and internet-of-thing (IoT) system. The metallic fuel cell powers the system to transmit the GPS and other data back to the users thru wireless telecommunication. Subsequently, big data analysis on the vessel fleet, marine environment, sea worker’s activity can be performed, the location of vessel and rescue team can be quickly obtained.