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Technical Description The organic sludge had the high water content (over 80%) and the heater drying process for organic sludge was not straightforward owing to the unpleasant odors, the contamination of microorganism, expensive treatment costs, and energy consumption and other shortcomings. The RDF-5 fuel rod was easy to handle and odor free. It had a higher calorific value (5,000~7,200 kcal/kg) than the RDF-5 standards from sawdust or garbage (4,200 kcal/kg) and could be processed into organic sludge derived fuels replace coal. Besides, significantly reduce pollution from mining coal mines. The burned ash can be used as a value-added product of soil amendment (pH value over 8.0, to improve acid soils and increase the silicon content and fertility of fertilizers).
Scientific Breakthrough Innovative key technologies include (1) reducing the moisture content of organic sludge from 80% to 8% in a short period of time, replacing sunlight or high energy-consuming drying (2) adding artificial or natural silicon resources in small proportions to increase calorific value (3) Customization provides high calorific value and high combustion efficiency technology and fuel products as well as steam and conversion power requirements (4) The process time is short within 30 minutes (5) There is no odor and the cost is lower than that of ordinary wood chips made of biomass fuel and less pollution (6) Ash can be used as a soil amendment.
Industrial Applicability This innovative technology can be applied
(1) Industries where solid wastes (ex, organic sludge, waste cooking oil, )are generated, including: food industry, bottle recycling industry, soy sauce factory, winery, etc.
(2) Energy demand industries, including steam, power conversion, etc.
(3) The burned ash can be applied to agriculture (materials) etc. that adjust the pH of the soil