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  • Intelligent Manufacturing Planning & Analysis Cloud Technology System
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  • 鍾雨蓁
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Technical Description IMPACTs(Intelligent Manufacturing Planning Analysis Cloud Technology System) is able to provide safe and real-time production capacity planning analysis using the cloud. This service is meant to solve complicated issues during scheduling and will provide decision support recommendations. The IMPACTs system is built from a core that simulates dynamic scheduling algorithms. Using this system, one can completely grasp the production capability and production resources of the plant. The system uses real-time data analysis to solve production-marketing coordination complication, and in turn will optimize productivity and efficiency, while reducing inventory and costs associated with it. The system also combines QR-Code mobile reporter and visual signage to track real-time production status, to keep operational management always up to date on the status on the production floor.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Break through the problem of preliminary planning of production capacity and materials in the schedule, and use the production capacity material synchronization planning engine to achieve material capacity synchronization planning
2.Break through the schedule time limit of several hours at a time, effectively reduce the schedule time by simulation
3.Modular development method effectively increases the versatility of the scheduling system industry
Industrial Applicability 1.Shorten the time between orders received and delivery
2.Lower inventory costs and increase turnover
3.Realize and take advantage of factory max production capability
4.Management of smart dashboards on production floor
5.Monitoring and analysis of manufacturing status and performance