Technical Name Modular Design of High Throughput Hyperspectral Imager (HyperSCAN)
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 郭政靈
We developed the hyperspectral imager of for remote sensing in visible band application. The specification of our developed HyperSCAN (Hyper Spectral Camera ANalyzer) are listed below: the specification of hyperspectral imager was designed as: size 20×20×10 cm3, weight < 3 kg, scanning wavelength in visible band. The 1st generation hyperspectral imager sensor has been first adopted as 1/1.8 inch CCD for testifying space environment purpose, which is corresponding to the covering wavelength range between 500 to 700 nm with approximated resolution 5 nm. For future purpose, we will adopt the imager sensor with size 1 inch, which will cover the band between 450-880 nm. The HyperSCAN  is an engineering modeling of hyperspectral imager in future scientific payload onboard 6U Cubesat. The HyperSCAN  with a volume size of less than 20x20x10 cm3 and the total weight of less than 3 kg are suitable for future flight model development onboard Cubesat.
Scientific Breakthrough
For the wide application of environment monitoring for our developed HyperSCAN, major key points are considered : (1) High throughput: providing the high throughput with F-number 2.0 by the concave grating with large diameter 70 mm and focal length 140 nm inside the HyperSCAN; (2) Modular design: allowing rapid development of complex optical system and enabling for the calibration; (3) Compact and light-weight: The major optical system consists of the front camera, a customized slit, the concave grating and the imager sensor with the addition of the folding mirror. The folding mirror was used to reduce the required optical path in the limited space of Cubesat. Besides, extra efforts on weight reduction were conducted in our mechanic’s design without loss of mechanical strength.
Industrial Applicability
The HyperSCAN could be one of the following applications for future space mission:
(1)Hyperspectral Imager for remote sensing
(2)Airglow imager with intensified CMOS sensor
(3)Meteor composition analyzer for spectrometer
(4)Vibrational temperature probe for atmospheric discharge
(5)Potential prototype of high throughput imaging spectrograph
The high throughput design of HyperSCAN could be used for low F-number front camera with larger aperture especially for low light level environment or short time exposure imaging spectrograph. Besides, modular design of HyperSCAN could be easily to integrated your customized test environment. High flexibility make the HyperSCAN prototype easily applying for your manufacturing environment and automated optical inspection system.
Keyword hyperspectral imager remote sensing technology Cubesat
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