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  • No.1 of Reach the summit of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Yushan International Joint Project - 3D Pavement Surface Condition Survey Vehicle
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  • National Central University
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  • 陳世晃
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  • shc@ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description In 2017, National Central University and Japan's Nichireki Co., Ltd. jointly signed the “Climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Jade International Cooperation Project”. With the help of Nichireki’s experience and new technologies for more than 70 years. and Civil Engineering Department of National Central University’s 50-year academic achievement. Both parties cooperate to assemble a brand-new type of pavement survey vehicle which has automatic survey functions such as pavement distress, roughness and rut depth. Using high-resolution linear laser camera and image identification auxiliary software, it can clearly show the 3D pavement condition and calculate various types of pavement Maintenance indexes. Based on the above survey data, in conjunction with the pavement management system and artificial intelligence processing, including the pavement basic information and construction history provided by the pavement management authorities.
Scientific Breakthrough It is equipped with high-resolution linear laser cameras, image auxiliary identification software and artificial intelligence Technology. It can detect the 1mm wide pavement cracks and the horizontal rut depth within 3mm error range at a speed up to 100 km/hr. It is currently the only advanced survey equipment in Taiwan that can meet this specification. Regardless of the airport and pavement system. This is the first international cooperation between Japan and Taiwan in the field of pavement engineering. The technology of automated survey has greatly reduced the cost of manpower. At present, the survey technology is also in the leading position of the world. This technology developed by cooperating Taiwan and Japan to eventually accomplish. It is a pride between two nations.
Industrial Applicability Reduce the labor usage and time costs of manual surveys by providing automated pavement surveys under high-speed vehicles. Providing objective and detailed pavement condition data to improve pavement maintenance management systems and improve pavement maintenance decision procedures to balance government budgets and stabilize industries to develop. Once the technology become more mature, it will cooperate with the government's “New Southbound Policy” to improve industrial visibility in the future.