Technical Name A New Hardware-security Technique for 5G-AIOT Applications: A Low-cost, Low-power, and High-speed “Dielectric-fuse Breakdown OTP” (dFuse OTP) Fully Integrated on CMOS Platform without Additional Masks
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 謝易叡
eOTPs are utilized to store boost codes and private data, which focuses on low-cost and high security. Firstly, our group discovered a new dielectric fuse breakdown(dFuse) on CMOS platform. dFuse takes advantage of a higher electric field on gate dielectrics to destruct the interfacial layer(IL) in terms of porousness of the IL. After destruction of the IL, gate electrostatic cannot render conduction of channel carriers anymore. We can judge states of storage from conduction in the channel, which becomes very useful in OTP. The dFuse OTP is different from the eFuse, antifuse, and the charge-storage ones. Designers will not worry about violation of the IPs from other players. Our group has protected IPs globally. dFuse OTPs do not need additional masks or special processes. With standard CMOS process from major foundries, our group has successfully fabricated 40/28nm OTP chips, whose unit cell is just 2 Ts. Our OTP chips are very low cost and suitable for portable applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
Breakthroughs of the dFuse OTPs: 1. The programming voltage < 4 volts; 2. the programming speed:20 nano-second; 3. the accessing speed < 10 nano-seconds; 4. the accessing voltage: 0.7~1.1 volts; 4. the memory window > 100 thousand times; 4. the programming voltage is irrelevant to the environmental temperature; 5. Life-time prediction over 10 years in 150 Celsius; 6. pass reflow test during package; 7. successful trial production on 40/28nm OTP chips; 8. the unit-cell size< 0.06-micrometer-square; 9. pass all the reliability tests.
Industrial Applicability
Significance of the dFuse OTP PUFs on the market: a.) security threatens dramatically increase with the raising of 5G-driving AIoT applications; b.) security becomes an important investment hotspot worldwide; c.) PUFs are the core hardware component of the security industry; d.) OTP-based PUGs are the mainstream solution on the present market; e.) our 40nm dFuse-OTP PUF exhibits excellent properties of the 0/1 MOSAIC figure, intra-Hamming-distance, inter-Hamming-distance, and Hamming-weight, compared to similar products of industry.
Keyword OTP one-time-programming-memory embedded memory NVM AI IOT Security PUF physical-uncolonable-memory 5G
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