Technical Name ppb-level gas sensor based on 2D materials
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 闕郁倫
Based on the mass production technique to fabricate 2D materials developed by our group, efficient gas sensors against NOx by SnSe2 thin films are successfully demonstrated. In comparison to international competitors, our products exhibit superior performances with a high sensitivity with a minimum detection limit of 100 ppb, a fast response within 40 seconds, and a negligible cross-sensing noise. Moreover, the fabrication cost is almost ten times cheaper than commercial products, which is suitable for the application with global monitoring and internet of things (IOT).
Furthermore, the technique would be extended to various 2D materials to fabricate multifunctional gas sensors. The integration with internet of things would then open new feasibilities for early monitoring in environmental pollution and human safety.
Scientific Breakthrough
For the purpose of miniaturized and efficient gas sensors applied for internet of things, we achieved an unique technique for the mass production of 2D materials. One of the significances is that we had successfully demonstrated a highly sensitive gas sensor against NOx by SnSe2 with a minimized detection limit of 100 ppb at room temperature. Another one is the two-step process including evaporated precursor followed by the plasma-assisted vapor phase reaction, which exhibits not only the wafer-scale continuous film at low temperature, but also the selective fabrications on integrated circuits. These achievements make our technique an products benefit for the gas pollutant monitoring with the internet of things network.
Industrial Applicability
Up to date, the gas sensing market shows a 5.6 % increment per year, hence the supply of efficient gas sensor with low cost is essential. Based on the successful mass production of 2D materials developed by our group, efficient gas sensors against NOx with sensitivity of 100 ppb are successfully demonstrated. Moreover, since the fabrication cost is much less than current products, multifunctional gas sensors based on 2D materials provide alternative solutions in the next generation candidate in the early monitoring in environmental pollution and human safety.
Keyword gas sensor low power consumption 2D materials NOx internet of things industrial safety air pollutant alcohol interlock chip integrated circuit
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