Technical Name System Design and Manufacture of Ultrasonic Tool Kit Base on Wireless Transmission Technology
Project Operator National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Project Host 姚賀騰
With the rapid development of materials technology, special brittle materials have become the mainstream materials of major commodities. If there is no breakthrough in the processing process technology, the tools and the workpieces will be damaged easily and severely. These problems cause the capacity to fail to keep up with the supply-demand and be gradually eliminated by the environment. In response to the above-mentioned problems, ultrasonic processing has two main benefits to resolve them. Firstly, it reaches the same requirements as traditional processing processes, which process and machine tool operations can be performed based on traditional technology and experience without greatly damaging the original machine tool operation. Secondly, the workpiece can be processed with high-frequency vibration, simultaneously in the process of milling, grinding and drilling. This process is more suitable for the current mainstream brittle materials.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. The ongoing two-year industry-academic cooperation plan of the MOST, "The development of ultrasonic cutting tool kit with wireless power transmission technology".
2. Patent output: This technology has obtained a new type patent and an invention patent has been submitted for review. Besides, paper submissions to other related journals have also been planned.
3. Technology transfer: Technology transfer arrangements have been established with Puu Lih Precision Spindle.
4. Technological breakthroughs: Currently, the contactless transmission technology belongs to the German machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI. Therefore, to become the vanguard of the contactless power transmission ultrasonic cutting tools, our team has successfully gone through the major technical bottlenecks.
Industrial Applicability
The goal of this technology is very clear, which is to assist the processing through the micro-vibration generated by the ultrasonic cutting tools, to greatly increase the output value, improve the quality and reduce the cost without significantly damaging the operating experience. It greatly contributes to the processing technology and additional commercial value of domestic manufacturers.
Keyword Smart Manufacturing Applications of Machining Mechatronics Ultrasonic Machining Wireless Electric Energy Transmission Special alloy machining Special brittle machining Vibration-assisted machining High Efficiency Control of Ultrasonic Tool holder High Efficiency Ultrasonic Drive System
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