Technical Name TBox: All-in-One IoT Trust Solution
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 林宗男
Next-gen IoT applications are faced with even more severe cybersecurity challenges than ever. TBox to the rescue!
The prosperity of 5G enables revolutionary applications such as connected vehicles, smart traffic and healthcare. These high-end applications depend on complex data flow, payment flow and defines new way of interactions with users, while being closer to users also causes urgent demand for a comprehensive full security solution.
By integrating hardware security, blockchain-based authentication and a series of novel security mechanisms, TBox is ready for being an effective and all-in-one solution for protecting IoT devices against a wide variety of threats and bringing “trust” to device-to-device networks.
Scientific Breakthrough
TBox adopts PUF-based digital fingerprinting mechanism to give device a unique and unclonable identity. Based on this root-of-trust, we developed blockchain-based authentication, access control and provenance mechanisms along with network slicing techniques to provide “trust” for IoT devices. All the novel technologies jointly support TBox-enabled devices to form a decentralized secured network together.
Industrial Applicability
Starting from 2020, new laws and standards published by US, Europe and other countries around the world are paying more attention to activities related to IoT security. The acts and standards explicitly place the responsibility of securing devices on manufacturers and designers instead of end users. The trend urges product developers to face the ever-increasing security threat. By taking care of issues arising from end-point, network, communication and data aspects, TBox provides an all-in-one trust solution that enables connected vehicles, intelligent logistics, healthcare and smart factory applications to work safely.
Keyword IoT Internet of things Cyber security 5G Blockchain PUF Hardware Network Communication Decentralized
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