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  • Superhydrophilic graphite felt electrode for electrochemical batteries
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  • National Pingtung University
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  • 李文仁
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Technical Description Graphite felt is a carbon material with flexibility, high surface area, high conductivity and high chemical stability. It can be used as an electrode for electrochemical batteries. However, due to the superhydrophobic nature of the surface of the graphite felt, which results in poor electrochemical activity. We have successfully developed super-hydrophilic graphite felt with new technology. The graphite felt has high surface area, high conductivity, high electrochemical activity and long-term stability, and the microstructure and morphology of the graphite felt are similar to commercially available graphite felt. This achievement can be applied to graphite felt manufacturing, battery manufacturing and carbon material related production and application industries.
Scientific Breakthrough The commercial graphite felt has superhydrophobic nature, so it exhibits low electrochemical activity, and must be modified to be hydrophilic before it can be applied to electrochemical energy-storage devices. At present, the modifying methods for graphite felt are divided into two categories: \"grafting oxygen-containing functional groups on the surface of graphite felt\" and \"coating metal oxides on the surface of graphite felt\". However, the former has the disadvantage of \"poor long-term stability\" and the latter has the problem of \"poor conductivity\" that needs to be improved. We have developed a new technology and successfully produced high-electrochemically active graphite felt with \"superhydrophilicity, high conductivity and long-term stability\".
Industrial Applicability We have successfully developed a new technology and produced highly electrochemically active graphite felts with \"superhydrophilicity, high conductivity and long-term stability\". The new technology can be applied to graphite felt manufacturers, so that the manufacturers can directly produce superhydrophilic graphite felts and supply it to downstream battery manufacturers. It can also be used to make other carbon materials with hydrophilicity. The technology can be applied to battery manufacturers to modify commercial graphite felts. We are happy to share the technology with industries, to cooperate with industries to develop mass production technology of superhydrophilic graphite felts and to develop the application in the electrochemical batteries.