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Technical Description mProbe Taiwan was co-founded by life science researchers, medical doctors, big data experts, and professional management teams at Stanford University. It is committed to precision health and provides the most advanced products and services in the global medical and health industry. mProbe Taiwan has several high-resolution mass spectrometers to analyze a variety of metabolites and combined with the big data model and AI owned by mProbe, to predict disease risk and give personalized intervention.
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability ․OncoOmics Dx- Precisely measure tumor protein expression with only 2-slides of FFPE tissue by mass spectrometry, to anticipate patient response or nonresponse to available approved and clinical trial therapies. Accurate quantitative concentration can reach 10^-18 mol/μg (amol/μg) ․mProbe Dx- Use AI analysis platform to analyze 60 million of large-scale clinical medical record data, and to perform feature screening on deep learning of multiple physiological test indicators.