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  • Advancement Project for Smart Machinery and Aerospace Industries in Central and Southern Taiwan
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • futuretech.most@gmail.com
Technical Description The developed technology is a cross-platform interface demonstrates its capabilities via the machining center VP2012. The interface is able to synchronize operating systems for diversified controllers. It integrates multiple functions, such as intelligent thermal balance, intelligent vibration analysis, and artificial neural network learning responsive technique. The developed technology advances software, hardware and firmware of a MIT machining center, setting up a representative example of smart machine for local manufactures, even the whole industry.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Display diversified information from all controllers and sensors in one user interface only.
2. The thermal displacement of tool cutting point is less than 25 μm and the tilting of a 10-cm-long testing mandrel is less than 5 μm along the x-z plane.
3. Identify natural resonance frequency and vibration modes within 10% relative error using self-developed software and hardware.
4. Automatically detect the weight of workpiece and meet criteria ISO 10791-6 standard when conducting ball bar testing.
Industrial Applicability The outcome of developed technology \"Intelligent Bridge Type Machining Center with a Cross-platform User Interface \" is an upgraded machining center VP2012 equipped with a cross-platform user interface. Moreover, the machining center is able to actively thermal balance, intelligently analyze its vibrations, and learn from artificial neural network model. The success of this developed technology sets up a role model for mechantronics industry and mechanical equipment manufactures in Taiwan.