Technical Name Plug-in instant transmission monitor
Project Operator National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Project Host
The sensors can be chosen depends on what data the user want to collect. If the sensor is damaged, then simply plug out and replace the sensor. The main body’s part doesn’t have to be replaced, which can reduce any unnecessary cost while keeping the monitoring function steady, and the data then can also be uploaded to the cloud for further analysis.
Scientific Breakthrough
利用Arduino 晶片模組為軟體開發環境,能與各種感測器連結並可遠端使用電腦,且感測器損換只需更換晶片即可。
Industrial Applicability
This invention hopes to develop a low-cost monitoring system that can monitor various environmental condition. Now a mushroom farmer, with the help of this system is not again limited by time and location to monitor their mushroom or plantation condition, and the system is now can be more affordable for them. The application of this system can reduce the running cost and increase efficiency for them in the long run.
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