Technical Name Home care and intelligent life system based on vision sensor
Project Operator NPIE Bridge Program
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This technology is mainly used in the monitoring system of image analysis, the input image data through the low complexity of Foreground Detection for front and back separation and background modeling. The resulting foreground information will send to Object Labeling module to assign individual label values to the foreground connectivity block, but when the current background image information is too close, the foreground data will be too broken. So use the Object Grouping to achieve the complete object. Object Tracking will match the object label of the previous frame Information, if it already exists then take replace, and that will achieve tracking results. However, this system must exist some occlusion case, So there are corresponding solutions to the various possible scenarios to achieve good tracking.
Real-time lossless compression not only improves diagnostic accuracy but also for subsequent medical applications. We use Adaptive Linear Prediction to reduce the dynamic prediction error, and use Content - Adaptive Golomb rice coding to enhance the overall system compression rate.
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability
可用於偵測防盜、人形追蹤、寵物等,也能結合一些行為辨識的處理,能夠達到一些智慧控制系統的應用,或是結合物件軌跡與Direct Linear Transformation,即可達到室內定位的成果。
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