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  • Technique of centrifuge modeling
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  • 洪汶宜
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Technical Description Physical modeling tests are often affected by scale effect due to scaling down the model size, however, the centrifuge can create a stable artificial gravitational field by centrifugal force. The artificial gravity field changes the self-weight of the model material so that the stress-strain state inside the material is consistent with the prototype. By using the geotechnical centrifuge modeling, researchers can reduce the influences of the scale effect and boost their research efficiency.
Scientific Breakthrough There are many standards can be referred for material testing (e.g., ASTM, Taiwan CNS), but there are currently no standards for centrifuge modeling test. In the LEAP-UCD-2017 program, testing standard procedures were established to eliminate the uncertainty in the model preparation process. The results show high consistency, this represents a major step towards establishing standards for centrifuge modeling test.
Industrial Applicability The technique of centrifuge modeling test can not only apply in the field of civil, environmental and electrical engineering. We can test the behavior of civil engineering structures by providing a high-gravity environment, it is also possible to test the behavior and performance of sensors, integrated circuits, and electronic equipment in high-gravity environments.