Technical Name An automatic monitoring and quantitatively analyzing system on rehabilitation progress for Parkinson's disease
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 黃有評
We developed a set of nine-axis sensors with an innovative APP system to effectively record, track and assist patients with PD rehabilitation. The sensors are placed on ten body parts to measure posture and to calculate angles of various movements. Measured data were integrated onto Unity 3D gaming platform to show the patient's gestures, gauge the effectiveness and make adjustments accordingly.
Scientific Breakthrough
The developed system broke the clinical limitation by proposing a novel method to monitor every exercise, angle, conformity to prescribed program for PD rehabilitation. The system allows practitioners to monitor the rehabilitation progress and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. Integrating with AI and big data analytics, this system achieves a giant step towards precision healthcare.
Industrial Applicability
The proposed system is not limited to monitor rehabilitation progress on PD. Combining with AI and big data, wearable sensor devices, and smartphone, it can automatically monitor rehabilitation progress. Practitioners can on-line monitor the rehabilitation and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. The system can be extensively used in the realm of multi-reabling healthcare 2.0, gymnasium, and community healthcare centers.
Keyword Parkinson's disease progress of rehabilitation sensor devices artificial intelligence big data analytics 3D Unity handheld device app homecare precision healthcare
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