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  • Dispersed Absorptive Element (DAE)
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 陳素文
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Technical Description The invention relates to milli-spheres with the core of activated bamboo charcoal (ABC) coated with alginate. It is a multi-porous material with the characteristics of high specific surface area. It can effectively adsorb organic metabolic wastes, heavy metals and other toxins in the intestine and pass rapidly through the GI tract for daily use.
Scientific Breakthrough The invention uses the multi-porous bamboo material which is easy to get in Taiwan. It is activated with high temperature, has a high specific surface area, and then coated with alginate into a smooth microsphere. It can effectively adsorb uremic toxins in GI tract, and can be quickly excreted from the GI tract after adsorption of toxins, which makes it suitable for long-term use in patients with chronic diseases.
Industrial Applicability This invention makes use of high-temperature activated bamboo material which is easy to get in Taiwan, and alginate to coat these particles to form smooth microspheres, so that it can adsorb toxins effectively in the Gl tract and can be quickly excreted from the body.