Technical Name Carbon-dot liposomes for cell image application
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 張煥宗
Our carbon-dot liposomes show excellent efficacy for fluorescent imaging of cellular structures and sub-organelles. They exhibit excellent photostability, high biocompatibility, and generational transferability which endow them with multi-color dynamic and multi-generational imaging of cellular structures and sub-organelles under multiple excitation wavelengths.
Scientific Breakthrough
The use of carbon-dot liposome fluorescent reagent can achieve staining within one minute. Furthermore, the excellent photostability and multi-color fluorescence characteristics of carbon-dot liposome have the versatility of using multiple excitation that are commonly used in all current fluorescent microscopy. In addition, carbon-dot liposomes have better stability and can be passed daughter cells at cell division.
Industrial Applicability
Our developed carbon-dot liposomes can separately stain nucleolus, cytoplasm and cell membrane/nuclear membrane. All of the staining procedures are very simple, rapid, and consistent, and can be stained in both living and dead cells, and under various fixatives. Our carbon-dot liposomes staining system show great potential to replace various commercial dyes.
Keyword carbon-dot liposomes multi-color fluorescence excellent photostability superior chemical stability cell image rapid stain nucleus cytoplasm cell membranes multi-generation
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