Technical Name Automatic testing device for Industrial Personal Computer & Operating method Thereof
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 鄭永斌
This patent solves the problem of mouse/keyboard recording and replay which occurs in software/hardware integrations among different platforms. It can automate the human behaviors (or test behaviors) across different platforms, from BIOS, DOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, even to Game boxes. This patent allows us to build a powerful KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) software robot to resolve the problem of industry automation.
Scientific Breakthrough
This patent allows mouse/keyboard to be controlled and triggered across different platforms. The system based on this patent can use a computer A to precisely  control another computer B's mouse and keyboard.  Computer B can run arbitrary software environment, such as BIOS, DOS, WINDOWS, LINUX, even game boxes like PS/4. There are no artifacts, such as firmware, to be installed in computer B.
Industrial Applicability
The system KORAT which is based on this patent can be applied to

1.(Industrial)(Server) Motherboard test automation
2.Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
3.Industry 4.0 Assembly line automation, data collection, monitoring, and remote control
4.IoT Test Automation
5.Software test automation
6.Hardware device certification
7.Other cross-platform automation and test applications.
Keyword Test Automation RPA Cross platform testing GUI automation BIOS test automation software/hardware integration test IoT testing tools IoT quality ensurance industry 4.0 assembly line automation and upgrade
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