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  • Paper-Based Composite Materials for Wearable Electronics and Human-Machine Interfacing
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 張達生
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  • d07223128@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description With the main theme of simple, low-cost, and scalable properties, we introduce a flexible and wearable pressure-sensing device. This approach integrates paper-polymer-nanoparticle composites and thermoplastics lamination for pressure sensitive devices. This highly sensitive and durable design with ultralow energy consumption is promising for point-of-care electronics and human-machine interfacing.
Scientific Breakthrough The reduced composite material resistance limits power consumption and the raised roughness increases the device sensitivity. Advantageous thermal lamination maintains the deformable substrate behavior and reduces outside interferences. This design exhibits a broad detectable pressure range, and carries high sensitivity of 0.119 kPa-1 (at 0-12 kPa) with very stable responses over 2000 test cycles.
Industrial Applicability We envision using this highly sensitive and size-tunable sensor in real-time human motion monitoring as a convenient method for point-of-care wearable electronics fabrication. Human-machine interface connection by voice recognition and piano keyboard musical translation opens a two-way dual channel for in situ human behavior-digital signal communication and artificial intelligence programming.