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  • Imaging DeviceDisplaying Method by Using Indocyanine Green
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  • Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital
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  • 林芯瑜
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Technical Description Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive,debilitating disease. Near-infrared fluorescent imaging of arm lymphatic vessel architecturefunction in breast cancer-related lymphedemacontrol subjects revealed a trend of increased lymphatic abnormalities in both the afflictedunafflicted arms with increasing time after lymphedema onset.
Scientific Breakthrough Rapid scanning limb volume device to evaluate the therapeutic effect of lymphedema beforeafter rehabilitation. Miniaturize the Near-infrared fluorescent imaging deviceto classify lymphedema Lymphatic network of patients.
Industrial Applicability The hand-held device for indocyanine green fluorescent imaging has rather poor image stability,its light source modules can be small in size, high in cost,difficult to product. Therefore, the development of a device capable of simultaneously imaging blood vesselslymphatic images on a real patient's body picture, equipped with a mobile platform is necessory.