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  • Novel immunotherapies for lung cancer by targeting chitinase-3-like protein 1IL-33/ST2L
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 張志鵬
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  • cpchang@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Technical Description CHI3L1IL33/ST2L inhibit immune cell activity in the tumor microenvironment, which in turn helps tumor growth. Our innovative CHI3L1 neutralizing antibodyST2L/IL-33 blocking antibody inhibit tumor growth in animal modelsincrease anti-tumor immune cell infiltration. We developed neutralizing antibodies targeting CHI3L1ST2L/IL-33, which will become novel immunotherapies for lung c
Scientific Breakthrough The small molecule G protein Rab37 was identified to positively regulate the release of immunosuppressive substances, CHI3L1, IL-33ST2L. The newly developed neutralizing antibodies can effectively increase CD8+ T cells infiltration into the tumor microenvironment, which further inhibits tumor growth. Neutralizing antibodies targeting CHI3L1ST2L/IL-33 will become novel lung cancer immunot
Industrial Applicability The neutralizing blocking antibodies produced by this technology can further humanized to protein drug for the treatment of lung cancerother related diseases in the future it may also be used to manufacture test reagents related to the process of detecting lung cancer patients, including ELISA reagents. rapid test strips,the development of cancer test chips in combination with nanotechnol