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  • The novel complex probiotics supplementationrapid detection platform for aquatic animals
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  • National Taiwan Ocean University
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  • 鄭筱樓
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Technical Description 1. Complex probioticsTo establish a benchmark for beneficial flora that contributes to immunitygrowthdevelop complex probiotics by oral administration. 2. A novel rapid detection platform A platform for screening healthy fish frydisease by collecting the data of metagenomics
Scientific Breakthrough Metagenomics is an important technique for analyzing the genetic information of microbial populations from the environmentintestine. The current aquatic probiotics focus on the efficacy of a single strain,the effect will not significant. This technology can fully understand the aquatic products of healthdisease. We could use these databases to develop pre-diagnostic methodsprodu
Industrial Applicability This study used the metagenomics to analyze the intestinal flora of the grouperthen screen the beneficial bacteria that could help to enhance immunitygrowth. The novel probiotics by oral administration for aquatic animals will increase the efficiency considerably. Additionally, we could establish a novel disease detection platform by using the data of intestinal flora.