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  • Composite probiotics to product organic fertilizer of tea leaf recycled
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  • Tea ResearchExtension Station, Wenshan Substation
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  • 邱明賜
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  • mingtzu@ttes.gov.tw
Technical Description The main goals of this project are to make Trichoderma infect tea waste,to mix Bacillus subtilisBacillus licheniformis with the Bokashi compost methodalso add zeolite powder to make granular organic fertilizers. On the other hand, this project researches different raw material ratio formulas in tea residue with beneficial bacteria to make the best efficient granular organic fertiliz
Scientific Breakthrough In this project, tea waste has been pointed as a carrier of Trichoderma. The purpose of adding beneficial bacteria is to increase the beneficial bacteria which decompose the beneficial substances in the soil. In addition, Trichoderma can decompose the broken branches of the tea trees in the soil,the decomposed components can be reused by the tea trees to achieve the recycling of resources.
Industrial Applicability This project produce fertilizers with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus subtilis,Bacillus licheniformis. It is planned to carry out field trials in tea gardensstudy the feasibility of those product adding Trichoderma for small batch production. The goal is to replace chemical ferterlizer, reducing environmental damage,be more effective than traditional organic fertilizers. The co