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  • REGAIN BIOSURGERY - Multifunctional Hemostatic Platform
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 游慧娟
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Technical Description Two types of product in indication:Our products are polymeric form including pastesponge. The paste will use to stop bleeding in the deep brain. The sponge will use to stop bleeding on the brain surface. Hemostatic is efficient  Low Irritation, inflammation,brain edema  Degradable
Scientific Breakthrough In addition to rapid hemostasis, the polyurethane hemostatic product is more resistant to foreign body reactions (inflammationedema, etc.)additional neuroprotectiveneurological repair functions than commercially available products.
Industrial Applicability In addition to the development of multi-function hemostasis materials, this product can increase the ratio of raw materials to form a film for sealantanti-adhesive products in the futureblend with insoluble polymer to form pore materials for carrying drugs After blending with the temperature-sensitive polymer, the shrinkage effect can be achieved,a dense protective film is formed o