Technical Name Medical Image Illustrator & VIML VR Viewer
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories, NARLabs
Project Host 陸璟萍
A total solution for biomedical image from processing to visualizationinteraction in VR.
First, Using Miil (Medical image illustrator) for image processingsegmentation.
Second, import the result to VVViewer (Visualization interactive media lab’s VR Viewer) for interactionvisualization in VR environment.
Scientific Breakthrough
Using Miil software, we can import DICOM format image then labelingsegment the image directly. After processing the image, we can export  the dataimport to VVViewer for visualizationinteraction in 3D VR environment.
Industrial Applicability
"Image labelingsegmentation
Tools for AI supervised data preparation.
Virtual Reality 
Training for education
Surgery planning
usage for Doctor-Patient Relationship"
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