Technical Name Renewable Materials based Flexible Electronic Devices
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 陳文章
This technology develops the biomass polymer, polyethylene furanoate (bio-PEF),process it into filmnon-woven fabrics for high valued wearable electronic applications. The bio-PEF polymers were successfully synthesized with different molecular weights to meet the criteria of filmprocessing, including reactant concentration, catalyst compositionreaction temperature.
Scientific Breakthrough
The most prevailing substrate for soft electronic components is mainly made of plastic materials such as PET. Our developed PEF/Ag NWs conductive film was employed to fabricate organic field effect transistorssolar cells,reveals far better properties than the PET substrates. Its gas barrier effect is better than the available substrates in the market, possessing more potential advantages.
Industrial Applicability
Flexible electronic devices for wearable electronic applications are the mainstream research direction in recent years. Our developed PEF/Ag NWs film has high conductivity, flexibility, mechanical strength can replace brittle ITO electrode to provide high economic benefitsenvironmental friendliness. Meanwhile, it can also replace the commercial PET, having great value for commerciallization.
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