Technical Name Integrated EMG/ECG sensingsmart clothing
Project Operator National Sun Yat-Sen University
Project Host 黃英哲
Our integrated EMG/ECG sensing devices measure human physiological signals, including ECG, EMGtemperature. The device can be attached to smart clothesarm/leg bands to obtain the heart ratemuscle activities in living scenarios, such as daily exercise, elderly care, precision exerciserehabilitation.
Scientific Breakthrough
Most physiological signal sensing devices are targeted to some single signal. Our Integrated EMG/ECG sensing is capable of sensing human body's ECG, EMGambient temperature. Combined with wireless transmissionanalysis algorithm, our system is a highly integrated wearable sensing device that has the advantages of small size, low power consumption,convenient measurement.
Industrial Applicability
Our sensing device, together with smart cloth, is a niche product for elderly care, sports trainingrehabilitation by conveniently monitoring vital bio signals in casual environments. In addition, collected biological data could contribute to the big-data analysis for human body.
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