• Open up the future technological territory: AI sports tech, environmentally friendly buildings & space satellites

2021 -09 -08
In the future science and technology museum, various bright technologies will challenge the boundaries of your imagination! The next set of "Lin Yang Match" will be assisted by AI technology in training? "Coaching Box-Badminton Hit Analysis Visual Solution" that integrates AIoT wisdom and daily life applications-with the intelligence search and analysis capabilities of badminton tactics, and portable actions developed based on computer vision technology Analyze the teaching aid system, which can be used as a communication medium between coaches and students.

Buildings will become more and more vital? Measure the solar radiation and shadow coverage of each roof surface at various times through the solar radiation and angle, accurately calculate the power generation potential of the laying of solar panels, and establish a scientific technical plan for the future solar photovoltaic.

The first satellite "Flying Mouse" developed by the school team has been successfully launched and activated, and the returned data can also be used for continuous improvement of the system. It is conceivable that the future technology is actually a combination of theory and innovation, not only forward-looking, but also implemented in practical applications.

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