• 2020Futex_Floor Plan

  • 2020 -09 -18
Precision Health Ecosystem
No Unit Technique
001 National Cheng Kung University Wearable ultrasound device for diagnosis of sleep apnea
002 National Health Research Institutes The establishment of National Biobank Consortium of Taiwan (NBCT)
003 National Yang-Ming University Cisd2 activators: Novel therapeutics for non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and steatohepatitis (NASH)
004 Cyper S
Biomdcare Corporation
Mobiosense Corporation
Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry
005 National Taiwan University Harmoscope
006 National Taiwan University A Non-Invasive AI Imaging Technique for Quick Risk Assessment of Stroke and Cardiovascular Diseases
007 National Taiwan University AI_Variant Prioritizer
008 National Central University Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food Safety and Epidemic Prevention
009 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Zero Contact Detection-Facial Stroke, Heart Rate and Breath Detection Technology
010 National Yang-Ming University Intelligent image-guiding needle puncture
011 Chang Gung Medical Foundation Real time wireless diagnostic system
012 National Taiwan University Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity
013 National Sun Yat-Sen University Digital self-injection-locked ultrasonic Doppler radar for accurate non-contact vital sign monitoring
014 National Cheng Kung University Building A Deep Learning-based Chest X-ray CADe Platform MedCheX
015 National Health Research Institutes The comprehensive multi-tier long-term care delivery information platform
016 National Cheng Kung University Combining Augmented Reality and Remote Real-time Notification Intelligent Bed Exit Alarm System for Predicting Elderly Falling
017 National Cheng Kung University Novel Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia
018 National Chung Hsing University Dual application of Pt/Au nano-alloy electrode in neutral enzyme-free glucose detection and biofuel cell
019 Academia Sinica Antimicrobial peptide Epinecidin-1 promotes complete skin regeneration of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-infected burn wounds in a swine model
020 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Intelligent Scalp Detection System
021 Academia Sinica First-in-class anti-diabetic drug, PS1
022 Taipei Medical University Precision blood test for detection of breast cancer
023 National Chiao Tung University Video-based blood pressure and respiration measurement and its applications in the home sleep apnea and health management system
024 National Taiwan University Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Water Quality Monitoring Using Nanomaterial Immobilized Paper and a Flow Controllable Microfluidic Device
025 National Tsing Hua University Influenza mucosal vaccine composition and preparation and application thereof
026 National Chiao Tung University Low-dose nanoscale biomimetic cell structure – Next-generation platform technology for advanced precision immunotherapy
027 National Chiao Tung University A High Frequency Ventilator with Electrical Impedance Tomography for Respiratory Treatment
028 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology A composite ultrasound medical device for microbubble vaccines and the sputtering lysozyme microbubble for trachea therapy
029 National Health Research Institutes BPRSJ338: Therapeutic Applications for COVID-19
030 National Health Research Institutes Sub-nanometer gold sticker and methods for protecting against endotoxin-induced sepsis == Applied for the treatment of malignant wounds
031 National Health Research Institutes Heterocyclic compounds and use thereof
032 National Health Research Institutes A Kinase Inhibitor that Induces Degradation of MYC Oncoprotein
033 National Health Research Institutes DBPR807: a CXCR4-Targeted Antagonist
034 National Taiwan Ocean University Using Herbmedotcin technology to solve the antibiotic abuse problem
035 National Dong Hwa University Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral Producing New Targeted Anti-cancer Agent and their Aquaculture Technology Platform
036 National Taiwan University A Novel “Platform Technology” in Surgical Hemostasis
AI&AIoT Applications
No Unit Technique
037 National Taiwan University Intelligent In-Situ Monitoring of Membrane Fouling
038 National Cheng Kung University Artificial Intelligence for Customs Fraud Detection
039 National Chiao Tung University A Badminton Training and Activities Recognition System
040 National Central University Continuous Monitoring of the Cloud and Rain from Geostationary Satellite
041 National Taiwan University of Sport KarmaZone Strike Zone and 3D Markerless Motion Analysis System
042 National Chiao Tung University Applying Machine Learning to User Mobility Type Identification for 5th Generation Mobile Networks
043 National Chung Hsing University Air/ground cooperation for optimal rice harvesting model
044 National Taiwan Normal University AI 2 Robot City
045 Tamkang University Multifunctional liquid crystal smart cloud sensors
046 National Taiwan University 3D Object Referring and Grasp Detection Networks
047 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
National Cheng Kung University
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Air quality index (AQI) gas sensor service platform
National Applied Research Laboratories
No Unit Technique
048 National Applied Research Laboratories 5D Smart City─SmartES Platform
049 National Applied Research Laboratories AI Video Analysis and Object Retrieval System
050 National Applied Research Laboratories Portable On-site Earthquake Early Warning System
051 National Applied Research Laboratories Autonomous Vehicle Simulation System
052 National Applied Research Laboratories The technology of urban traffic control optimization platform
053 National Applied Research Laboratories Blowing type of Ketone gas sensor applied in healthy care
054 National Applied Research Laboratories Intelligent Multi-wavelength Lighting System
National Synchrotron Radiation Research
No Unit Technique
055 National Synchrotron Radiation Research Highly Efficient Fabrication and Applications of Bioinspired Flexible Photonic Crystals by Trapping of Structural Coloration
056 National Synchrotron Radiation Research Fast Cancer Screening and Prognosis Assessment and Prediction of Treatment Response in Chronic Kidney Disease by Using Synchrotron Infrared Microscopy
057 National Synchrotron Radiation Research Small- and Wide-angle X-ray Scattering on Biological Structures
058 National Synchrotron Radiation Research The Future Light Source - Ultrafast Molecular Imaging: Free Electron Laser
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
No Unit Technique
059 National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction Rain Alert App
060 National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction Application of Internet of Things(IoT) in Flood Monitoring
061 National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction Climate Traveler
Excellence Research Center
No Unit Technique
062 Frontier Research Center on Fundamental and Applied Sciences of Matters P-SERS: Rapid and Sensitive On-site Detection Platform
063 Center for Emergent Functional Matter Science NCTU Sperm Sorter
064 Center for Quantum Technology Highly Efficient Quantum Key Distribution System
065 Advanced Research Center for Green Materials Science and Technology Rollable and soft photonic meta-device
066 Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center Post COVID-19, novel critical green energy material with local supply chain
067 Research and Development Center for Smart Textile Technology Thermoplastic Casting Tape
068 Intelligent Semiconductor Nano-system Technology Research Center Low temperature/instant copper bonding and high toughness RDL lines using nanotwinned copper
069 Center for mmWave Smart Radar Systems and Technologies 5G C-V2I Enabled Intelligent Real-time Trajectory Prediction and Warning System
070 High Entropy Materials Center High-Entropy Non-Sparking, Anti-Bacteria, and High-Endurance Alloy Technology
071 Advanced institute of manufacturing with high-tech innovations Key Technology for Advanced Industry 4.0: Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing Cell, 3D Printing Design Systems, AI Expert System for Friction Stir Welding Process
072 International Center for Wound Repair and Regeneration The application of next-generation sequencing in the genetic diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa and the establishment of multidisciplinary clinic for epidermolysis bullosa
073 Center of Precision Medicine Precision Medicine in Post-pandemic Era-SARS-CoV-2 Virus Strain Analysis, Novel ctDNA Marker for HCC Detection, and Cancer Immunotherapy Study
074 International Center for the Scientific Development of Shrimp Aquaculture A smart monitoring system for shrimp growth
075 Research Center for Animal Biologics Virus and Cell Culture Platform for Vaccine Production technology
076 Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections EditCell Virology Platform
077 Center of Innovative and Sustainable Environment and Policy of Population Health Population Health Research
078 Center for Research in Econometric Theory and Applications, National Taiwan University The gender discrimination of income distributions
079 Brain research center New insight into the brain: Optical imaging/stimulation and spiking neural circuit models
Electronic & Optoelectronics
No Unit Technique
080 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles
081 National Chiao Tung University A Transparent Deployment Solution for 4G/5G Edge Computing Platform
082 National Taiwan University Towards Automatic Hyperspectral Imaging via the Combination of Sample Navigation MappingLaser Scanning Spectral Microscopy
083 National Taiwan University Fast Beam CalibrationForming for Phased Arras of Antennas at Millimeter Wave Frequencies for 5G/B5G Applications
084 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology AS2 3D
085 National Central University Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosol Profile in 3D PM2.5 Construction for Regional Air Pollution Monitoring
086 National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology An 1.6Tb/s Silicon Photonics Chip
087 National Taiwan University SS-MRAM: A superlattice based STT-MRAM with extra-high performance
088 National Chiao Tung University Large-area and color pure viloet and green provskite light emitting devices
089 National Central University Global Ionospheric Tsunami Monitoring and Early Warning System-Space Buoy
090 National Sun Yat-sen University Low-Temperature Defect Elimination Technology for Semiconductor Devices
Evolutionary Materials
No Unit Technique
091 National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research
Green Energy Technology Joint Research and Development Program
092 AWEA MECHANTRONIC CO., LTD. Advancement Project for Smart Machinery and Aerospace Industries in Central and Southern Taiwan
093 National Chin-Yi University of Technology Building energy conversion and ventilation device
094 National Cheng Kung University Self-healing ultra-high performance concrete
095 National Taiwan Normal University Air-stable luminescent organic-inorganic perovskite nanocrystal-polymer composites
096 National Chung Hsing University Self-healable, Self-powered, Stretchable, and Transparent Electronic Skin (human-device interfaces) and Nanogenerator
097 Academia Sinica Lithium battery energy storage system development and new generation of solid-state battery materials
098 National Cheng Kung University Development of cutting knowledge base to enhance machine tool performance
099 Yuan Ze University Low-temperature magnesium hydrogen storage materials and energy storage applications
100 National Sun Yat-sen University Breakthroughs and achievements of key technologies of six-axis force/torque sensor
101 National Central University Mass production technology of fluorinated graphene and its multi-functional applications on surface coating
102 National Cheng Kung University Using innovative microbial technologies as a high-efficiency valued-added total solution for industrial livestock wastewater treatment
103 National Taiwan University Dual-Core Self-Centering Energy Dissipation Brace
104 National Central University UV-resistant Self-healing Emulsion Glass as a New Liquid-like Solid Material for 3D Printing
105 National Chung Hsing University High-value recycling waste materials to produce lightweight aggregate
106 National Tsing Hua University Multiple High-Entropy Oxide as Piezocatalyst in Organic Dye Degradation
International Zone
No Unit
1 A.V. Mapping Co., LTD
2 Golden Age Ltd
3 AdvMeds Co., Ltd.
4 IoE Intelligent Technology Company
5 VesCir
6 mProbe Taiwan
7 Wellgen Medical Co., LTD
8 Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd.
9 Enosim bio-tech Co., Ltd.
10 MedFluid Co., Ltd.
11 Biomere Tech
13 Powerarena Coporation
14 CH Biotech R&D Co., LTD.
15 Taipeibio Co., Ltd.
16 dentall Co., Ltd.