• To see the future from space─Monitoring the production seasonharvest prediction of pineapplewax apple through satellite images.

  • 2019 -11 -12
Existing monitoring techniques calculate planting area and distribution, so we can’t know the harvest time. Although Taiwan's fruit tree planting has a crop calendar, but there are many methods of production regulation to extend and control the harvest time of fruit, in order to avoid the harvest time concentration caused by the imbalance between supply and demand, such as wax apple industry using cover dark net, pineapple flower ingress.
Remote sensing data in addition to know the planting location and distribution information, but also through spectral imagery, texture and shape of the characteristics of the field operations carried out by farmers for production adjustment, such as in high-frequency satellite imagery, suddenly a wax apple field area covered with a dark net, it means the farmers extended the harvest time of wax apple; Or to monitor the characteristics before bearing fruits, such as monitoring pineapple flowering can be used to estimate the harvest time. To monitor the harvest time of fruit is closely related to the quality, price and market, so we used the spectral information of satellite imagery to monitor the adjustment of pineapple and wax apple production period, combined with crop growth period and filed survey and other information to evaluate the harvest prediction pattern, and then released the harvest prediction reports month by month. Expect to anticipate the market price through harvest forecasting, so that production and market prices would maintain in balance.