The List of Winners of the 2019 FutureTech Breakthrough Award

The List of Winners of the 2019 FutureTech Breakthrough Award

Organization Technology
National Tsing Hua University High Order Harmonic Generation Optimization System And Method In Tight Focusing Geometry
National Tsing Hua University Neuromorphic Intelligent Visual System
National Tsing Hua University Rapid diagnostic device for monitoring the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue
National Tsing Hua University Development and Integration of MEMS environment sensors towards smart and more-than-Moore era
National Tsing Hua University Energy Efficient and High Performance Neural Network Accelerator / Real-time Full-HD Image Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection Technology
National Tsing Hua University Generation of Bio-inspired Lightweight Structures by Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Materials Genome Initiative
National Tsing Hua University External Field-Free Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory
National Tsing Hua University Real-time anthropomorphic robotic arm teleoperation based on human motion、Eye-in-hand Adaptive Gripper for Object Recognition and Tracking
National Tsing Hua University Glycan-masking and glycan-unmasking hemagglutinin antigens for universal influenza vaccine development
National Tsing Hua University Efficiency Boosting System for Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine Based on AI and Big Data Analytics
National Tsing Hua University Personalized emotion sensing for spoken dialog interface
National Tsing Hua University Superconducting-quantum-bit simulation chip (SC-qubit simulation chip)
National Tsing Hua University Beryllium-free multi-element copper alloy
National Tsing Hua University Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip
National Chiao Tung University Platform for SiC Power System on a Chip
National Chiao Tung University free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network
National Chiao Tung University The Development and Clinical Research of Smart Contact Lens System for Dry Eye Syndrome Diagnosis
National Chiao Tung University Monolithic hybrid type quantum dots micro-light-emitting diodes for the full-color pixel array
National Chiao Tung University Microengineered Physiological Biomimicry: Human Lung-on-a-chip and the Health Applications for Air Pollution
National Chiao Tung University Application of Cyber-Physical Sensing (CPS) 3D Stereo Modeling for Fruit Tree Growth Monitoring
National Chiao Tung University Method and Structure of stacking 3D-IC Employing Controlled-Grain Semiconductor Film
National Chiao Tung University Ultra-Efficient Microfluidic Sperm Sorter
National Chiao Tung University Video-based blood pressure measurement with AI technology and its applications in digital health and smart healthcare
National Chiao Tung University Flexible PPG sensor patch
National Chiao Tung University Green and Smart Agricultural System (Using A.I. to Predict Functional Compound Production of Chinese Medicinal Plants in Cultivation Period)
National Taiwan University A Hand-Powered Fan and Paper-Based Devices for Personalized Medicine Applications
National Taiwan University A novel blood based multi-biomarker modeling for predicting neurodegenerative disorders by machine learning
National Taiwan University Develop of novel anti-diabetic agents via targeting endogenous lipid mediators
National Taiwan University Intelligent Image Recognition and Analysis System for Small-sized Insect Pest
National Taiwan University Developing novel drugs for the treatment of multiple system atrophy/ataxia: Applying preclinical mouse behavioral phenotyping techniques and clinical motor assessments
National Taiwan University 5G Low Latency Massive Access Technology
National Taiwan University Preparation of biomimetic omniphobic porous membrane for application in membrane contactor
National Taiwan University Innovative Wireless Positioning and Tracking System
National Taiwan University Ultra-Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy Technology
National Taiwan University

Rsv Vaccine Composition Comprising Hepatitis B Virus-Like Particles As Adjuvant

National Taiwan University Using 3-D Capsule Network for Nodule Detection in Lung CT Image
National Cheng Kung University

Method For Lowering Cannibalism Rate In Fish And Composition

National Cheng Kung University Fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells by printing process and its applications on Internet-of-Thing (IoT)
National Cheng Kung University Low dose of X-ray-excited long-lasting luminescent nanoprobe in deep seated tissues imaging
National Cheng Kung University High-Security Test Technology for ICs
National Cheng Kung University A Secure IoT Communication Scheme with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Mechanism
National Cheng Kung University Use of hyaluronan for promoting angiogenesis in diabetic limb
National Cheng Kung University Hepatitis B virus large surface protein in progression of hepatitis and hepatoma: detections and applications
National Cheng Kung University Analyzing Method, Computer Program Product, And Electric Device Using Convolutional Neural Network
National Cheng Kung University Piezoelectric accelerometers with high sensitivity for unmanned vehicles & Piezoelectric Accelerometer Readout Circuit and SAR ADC.
National Central University Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA)、Epidemic-Type Aftershock Sequence (ETAS)
National Central University Mobile Magnetic Survey System
National Central University Thermoresponsive nanobrush surface enabling continuous harvest of stem cells
National Central University Method of Top-of-Atmosphere Reflectance-Based Spatiotemporal Image Fusion Using Aerosol Optical Depth
National Central University Compact Ionospheric Probe
National Central University On-chip integrated quantum polarization-entangled optical source
National Central University GaN Based High-frequency High-efficiency Converter
National Central University IoT of food allergen detector system
National Chung Hsing University Waterproof Multifunctional Energy Textile for Universally Collecting Energy from Raindrops, Wind, and Human Motions and as Self‐Powered Sensors
National Chung Hsing University Non-GMO green revolution under climate change: The plant beneficial endophytic agent for total solution of abiotic and biotic stresses
National Chung Hsing University Research and development of phytogenics for food animals/ Beneficial effect of Bidens pilosa on gut microflora and animal health
National Chung Hsing University The thermal adverse management and pre-warning and prevention of pests and diseases for beef tomato production
National Chung Hsing University Real-time identification of crop losses using UAV imagery
National Chung Hsing University Ultrasonic toolholder module
National Sun Yat-Sen University Potential of Ambient Mass Spectrometry in Emergency Toxicants Identification
National Sun Yat-Sen University Smart glove with soft force sensors for virtual reality somatosensory equipment training
Kaohsiung Medical University Bi-specific antibodies and uses thereof
Kaohsiung Medical University Mobile Application for Anti-Doping、
Gastroenteritis Defender-Andrographis paniculata nano-formulation
Kaohsiung Medical University
(National Chiao Tung University,
National Chung Cheng University)
An integrated system of AI affective computing and multimodal physiological signal in patients with high-risk of cardiovascular disorder, and the development of a home-based biofeedback intervention.
Academia Sinica Thermoelectric Ever-Charge Portable Charger
Academia Sinica Display of acetylcholinesterase on cells for high fidelity pesticide fast screen system
Academia Sinica Modular Polymeric Nanoshells for Precision Antiviral and Anticancer Vaccination
Yuan Ze University Speaker-aware Deep Denoising Autoencoder with Embedded Speaker Identity for Speech Enhancement
Yuan Ze University Baseball finger force sensing and wireless transmission device with time-series big data analysis system
National Chung Cheng University Five-axis Heavy Cutting CNC Vertical Hypoid Gear Generator with Intelligent Manufacturing/CPS Systems Integration Technology
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Super AI HPC System
National Taipei University of Technology Embedded Smart Textile Arrays Display Module
National Yang-Ming University Composition for treating lung fibrosis and emphysema and therapeutic method using the same
National Kaohsiung University Biomimetic dry adhesives
National Taiwan Normal University Method Of Noninvasively Detecting Plant Pathogenic Virus And Electronic Apparatus Thereof
National Taiwan University of Sport A Sport Training System and Devices
National Taiwan Ocean University AIoT smart aquaculture management systems
Taipei Medical University Ted-ICU AI Platform
University of Taipei Next Precision Weightlifting Platform
Taipei Veterans General Hospital Web-based Diagnostic System for Phenotyping Psychiatric Disorder
National Health Research Institutes An Anti-Obesity Nanotechnology to Modulate Oil Absorption In Vivo
National Applied Research Laboratories Panchromatic CMOS TDI Image Sensor Design for Remote Sensing Satellite
Food Industry Research and Development Institute Switch on a coming era to preservation of agricultural produce
CHANG GUNG MEDICAL FOUNDATION Microfluidic motile sperm separation sorter
CHANG GUNG MEDICAL FOUNDATION Methods And Kits For Predicting The Responsiveness Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients To 5-Fluorouracil-Based Combination Chemotherapy
National Tsing Hua University
(Chang Gung Memorial Hospital,
Linkou Medical Center)
Rapid detection of acute kidney injury biomarker by a lab-on-a chip using whole blood sample
Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Council Of Agriculture, Executive Yuan R.O.C. The Application of Intelligent Agricultural Control System on Orchard
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
(National Taiwan University,
National Cheng Kung University)
Development of fruit tree industry monitoring technology based on multi-source image recognition technology
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