Technical Name “Kappa” Compact Organic Wastewater Treatment system for Small and Medium sized businesses
Project Operator Watasumi Ltd.
Project Host David Simpson
- Net Energy Positive
Waste-to-Energy bio-technology that converts organic contamination to renewable natural gas
- Fast, convenient & compact installation
Turnkey installations built with arrays of powerful 100L modules
- Low long-term cost
Remotely monitored & stable system does not need on-site operator.
- Solution to Climate Change
Mitigation of CO2 and Methane emissions
- Competitive
Patented design
- Futureproof against new regulations
Reactor outputs clean water that can be discharged or recycled
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
- Watasumi has developed a product to be a robust tool for treating all types of organic wastewater, which is essential to protect public health and the environment - Using our solution, wastewater is stripped of harmful pathogens and pollutants that pose serious health risks, contaminate drinking water, harm aquatic life, and degrade ecosystems - Our solution empowers resource recovery, including water for reuse and energy from biogas, promoting sustainability and resilience in water management
Industrial Applicability
- APAC accounts for 35% of the wastewater treatment equipment market, growing fast due to the growing population, rapid urbanization & industrialization. Food & Beverage is a total addressable market of $3B USD- Taiwan and Okinawan Food and Beverage Industries face similar problems for cost effective and sustainable waste management- Using industry knowledge and research conducted at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology we will work with local partners to support our growth in Taiwan
Matching Needs
Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Food; Ocean, Water and Sanitation; New Energy and Energy Saving; Manufacture and Enginnering Technology; Information and Communiction Technology (ICT); Environmental Technology
Keyword Net-Zero Emission
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