Technical Name Intelligent Quick Structural Safety Screening System based on Neural Network EntropyConvolution Neural Network
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 林子剛
Taiwan is located on the Pacific Rim Seismic Belt, which is an active area of earthquakes. Due to the threat of earthquakes that has endangered public safety severely, the research team is committed to developing “Structural Safety Quick Screening System,” which is both reliableefficient. The developed method performs entropy analysis on the microvibration signal of structurescombine the analysis results with artificial intelligence. By building a database through practical measurementnumerical simulation,the training of neural network in artificial intelligence, this study can not only accelerate the prevailing of structural health monitoring, but also ensure the safety of people.
Scientific Breakthrough
Based on Neural Network EntropyConvolutional Neural Network, the research team comes up with a novel system called “Structural Safety Quick Screening System.” With the use of artificial intelligence, the developed method not only successfully overcomes the disadvantage of over relying specific parameters, but also accelerates the analyzing process during structural health monitoring. The innovation breakthroughs of this method is that it integrates artificial intelligence, big data processing,information technology together,the application range covers all aspects of daily life, which can effectively monitor structures to ensure residential safety.
Industrial Applicability
The research team is equipped with mature researching capacityqualified technical level,the proposed system has been practically implemented in major facilitiesnewly-constructed buildings, including the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration Building, Asahi High Tech Fab, building cluster in NYCU, NCREE Taipei,Guangci D Social Housing. The novel system provides an accuraterapid analysis model for the structural health monitoring of those buildings. It is expected that the system can be widely implemented in the future to guarantee the safety of the living environment.
Keyword Simplified Quick Screening System artificial intelligence Structural health monitoring Neural Network Entropy Convolution Neural Network Big Data Deep learning Ambient vibration Living Safety High-tech Fab
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