Technical Name AR輔助內視鏡腦手術導航系統
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 曾清秀
The AR-assisted endoscopic navigation system for brain surgery combines CT/MRI images, 3D cerebrovascular/nerve models,endoscopic images for surgical planningnavigation. AR glasses can display the 3D navigation inside the patient's skull, providing surgeons with intuitive 3D surgical navigation. In addition, the cerebrovascular/nerve model is also superimposed on the endoscopic image, allowing the surgeon to predict the upcoming surgical situation. The AR display endoscopic images can be simultaneously transmitted to the remote site for assistance through 5G communication.
Scientific Breakthrough
The AR-assisted endoscopic navigation system for brain surgery provides a 3D surgical path planningnavigation. The surgeon can follow the navigation information accurately projected inside the patient's skull to intuitively perform 3D surgical navigation. The integration of endoscopic images with cerebrovascular/nerve images allows the surgeon to predict the upcoming surgical situationmake early surgical decisions. AR displayed endoscopic images can also be transmitted through 5G communication, allowing surgeons at the far site to assist the surgeon to perform operation.
Industrial Applicability
The integration of ARhuman body 3D tissue model makes 3D medical care more advanced,surgeons can also intuitively perform 3D surgical planningsurgical navigation. If AR is further applied to various endoscopic surgery, it will strengthen the safetyefficiency of surgical operations. With the rapid construction of 5G communication facilities around the world, the 3D display of ARrelated information can be transmit ted through fastlow-latency 5G communication. It is expected that the application of multi-person simultaneous AR-assisted telemedicine will flourish.
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Keyword 5G Augmented Reality Endoscopic Surgery Surgical Navigation Brain Surgery Path Planning 3D Model Image Fusion 3D Navigation Brain Tissue
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