Technical Name 用於環境水質檢測與農作物之新穎重金屬生物感應器
Project Operator Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Project Host 楊德明
We developedoptimized a FRET-based genetically-encoded biosensor Met-lead  with high sensitivity 10nM (0.2μg/dL, 2ppb) to fit the related regulations: the safety value of blood lead level for children 3μg/dLWHO-permitted level for tap water 10ppb. We further built a portable smart-phone device to measure Pb on-site. The practical applications of portable Met-lead can fulfill the needs from blood/urine Pb detection to drinking water/environmental irrigation water Pb monitoring, it will also help to build up a warning system to prevent further contamination from heavy metal Pb.
Scientific Breakthrough
The evaluation of Pb exposure is taking blood from personsampling water from source. The inspectors with training to operate precision instruments using strong acidbase agents under risk of occupational injury. The procedure takes long time. Met-lead with device with significant breakthrough 10nM sensitivitydynamic range near 5-fold. Met-lead conclusively pushes applicable ranges from in-cell sensing to environmental detection. Met-lead equipped with smart-phone device direct exam testing samples without complicate procedurehazard reagents from drinking waterenvironment.
Industrial Applicability
The Met-lead related products are with the ability to detect Pb either from blood/urinewater for drinkingirrigation. The portable smart-phone FRET-based Met-lead device can further help general population to do the Pb tests freely without going to the hospitalcompany waiting for a long time to get the results. in addition, the transgenic plant expressing Met-lead can be used for AI farm as a kind of environmental test paper for monitoring the irrigation water control. Thus, the market is relatively large once the Met-lead product can be popularized.
Matching Needs
Keyword heavy metal biosensor fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) lead ions lead ions, blood lead level (BLL) biological detection genetic engineering environmental detection pollution prevention portable lead detection system smart-phone lead detection system
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