Technical Name Architectural-Centric Optimization and Retopology of Photogrammetry Meshes
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 莊仁輝
A method of mesh simplification for 3D terrain or city models generated photogrammetrically from drone captured images, enabled by the ability of extracting the architectural features.

✧A toolset in Rhino Grasshopper
✧Photogrammetry-based tool
✧Generating simplified building model
✧Allows exporting the simplified models and geometric features to open platforms, e.g. OpenStreetMap
Scientific Breakthrough
The approach is inspired by tomography technique because its algorithm mainly deals with the contours of the subject, focusing on the geometric features of horizontal polylines. This reconstruction can simplify complex meshes by referring architectural knowledge through machine learning, generating building outlines and elevations, and exporting the geometric features for further usage.
Industrial Applicability
Applications of our method:
✓Flight training
✓Simplify the complex photogrammetry model and make it practical
✓Reconstructing 3D model of City
✓Site analysis for architectural design
Keyword Aerial photography photogrammetry 3D modeling unsupervised machine learning architectural design mesh simplification model simplification model reconstruction site analysis Rhino Grasshopper
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