Technical Name Software-Defined RAN with GPGPU-based Alloplasmic Distributed Fusion
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 許騰尹
For 5G/B5G, a software-defined RAN requires high reliability, high performance and flexibility that software-defined physical layer is key to ensure the performance and quality of multi-service connections. With radio function split and distributed CPU and GPU cooperation, we can ensure software-defined RAN working properly for service-aware networking where our  trial shows stable DL and UL over (NLOS) 150m.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Distributed CPU and GPGPU Cooperation with Radio Function Split 
2. UL > 800 Mbps via NIVIDA GPU
3. Software-Defined Physical Layer on Shared-Memory Disaggregated Infrastructure
Industrial Applicability
With radio function split and distributed computation, software-defined RAN which shares computing resource with edge cloud or data center, is well-fitted Taiwan’s echo system to make dynamic management, latency-aware service, load balance and fail recovery well for industry 4.0
Keyword Radio Function Split Distributed Computation Software-Defined RAN Software-Defined Physical Layer GPU Edge Cloud Data Center Shared Memory Industry 4.0 Dynamic Management
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