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  • The Development of the Software and Hardware to the Internet of Additive Manufacturing System based on Vat Photopolymerization Technology.
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  • 汪家昌
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Technical Description The Bottom-Up Vat Photopolymerization (VP) is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology capable of fabricating 3D models from a digital file. It utilizes a light source (UV or blue light) to solidify a photopolymer liquid resin. This procedure is widely accepted in the dental care, and jewelry industry, due to ability to fabricate objects with high details, and accuracy faster than others AM methods.
Scientific Breakthrough A cyber-physic manufacturing system for the Bottom-UP type VP based on new technologies,such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analysis is proposed.The Cloud Computing and Big Data analysis enable to elaborate a monitoring system and a dataset in the cloud of the pulling-up force. The dataset permits to perform an extensive analysis of this phenomenon, in order to create an algorithm to optimize the printing parameters based on geometry of the 3D model to reduce the effects of the separation force. Thus, this algorithm will predict the behavior of the pulling force by defining appropriate values of the printing parameters. As a result, the reliability of this technique will be improve significantly as well as the manufacturing time.
Industrial Applicability The capacity of administering a manifold of 3D printers or a single machine from a singular or multiple stations, devices or operators in a smart factory environment. Besides an adaptive controller for the printer parameters will be implemented.