Technical Name Gynecological diseases in vitro rapid screening system
Project Operator National Sun Yat-sen University
Project Host 許晉銓
Endometriosis is a serious gynecological disease with a global incidence of 10%. This disease will cause severe abdominal pain, massive organ bleeding, sexual behavior difficulties, infertility and even high-risk cancer progression (ovarian cancer is 4.2 times higher; breast cancer is 1.3 times higher; Blood cancer is 1.4 times higher). Although the traditional inspection method has been rigorous and parallel for several years, it is relatively complicated and time-consuming. Because of the fear of the hospital, it usually takes 5~10 years to confirm the illness, and it will increase the cost and risk of treatment. We are the first team in the world to discover that the karyotype variation of ribosomes is closely related to the deterioration of endometriosis. We collaborate with China Medical University Hospital on human clinical trials to develop in vitro diagnostic devices that can screen early stage of Endometriosis. It can avoid unnecessary risks and costs of discovering diseases.
Scientific Breakthrough
Current diagnostic methods for endometriosis include palpation, ultrasound, tumor markers(CA-125), and laparoscopy. Traditional medical testing of Endometriosis requires a lot of time and energy to go through multiple tests. The inconvenience makes patients usually endure first until they cannot bear it. These reasons not only lead to a serious stage of disease when diagnosed but also cause greater medical risks and costs. However, the in vitro diagnostic reagents we developed has the advantages of fast and precision. At the same time, the characteristic of using at home is very convenient. And our technology is also more sensitive and stable than CA125 or other competitors. So, we can do the rapid disease diagnostic test for large number of people.
Industrial Applicability
In recent years, genetic testing technology has been continuously improved,and the US is the first to use it into Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing(DTC) model.DTC model allows US FDA approved testing services to be provided directly by suppliers to consumers through the Internet.According to the report,Global medical diagnostics market of DTC will grow to 860 million USD in 2022.And the global market for endometriosis will also reach 4 billion USD in 2030(The United States has the highest proportion in the world)According to the US CDC,more than 600000 women perform hysterectomy(more than 20000 USD)every year.Therefore,if the disease is detected early through our products, there is a very great chance to cure it by drugs alone,and the treatment cost will be reduced to 100~300 US dollars.
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