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  • Method and device for recycling and reuse of reverse osmosis wastewater
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 陳柏安
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Technical Description The novel aM device (AC@SGO) is capable of removing extra, unwanted or toxic ions. Particularly it can replace the RO water purifier with even better performance. In addition, the aM device can also be used in industrial RO wastewater recycling with a minimum maintenance necessity. The aM device with the advantages of relatively low cost and multiple functions would have a high business competitiveness.
Scientific Breakthrough This new simple, low-cost aM device can be installed in the existing RO water purifier to recycle and reuse of RO wastewater. The aM has nearly zero wastewater discharged, and eventually can replace the RO water purifier to provide clean and low conductivity water for drinking water or industrial usage. This aM method can also be used for reducing excess ions in tap water and trace contaminants.
Industrial Applicability The high-efficiency aM device with low cost can be installed in the existing RO water purifier, or directly replace the existing RO water purifier. The aM device has the advantage of low maintenance frequency, and can also be applied to industrial water deionization for low conductivity water. It is expected to be highly competitive in industrial and home applications.