Technical Name A High Current efficiency Stacked Digital Low Dropout Array with True-Random-Noise Injection and Ultralow Output Ripple for Power-Side Channel Attack Protection
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳科宏
As IoE devices continue to grow, the DLDO needs not only high current efficiency, but also have high security. Although the prior art can use noise injection to enhance security, it has high power consumption and security concerns that allow attackers to observe current trends using side channel attacks to crack AES. Thus, the proposed circuit can reduce energy consumption while improving safety.
Scientific Breakthrough
AES is used to encrypt the data in hardware design. However, when AES is operating, the prior circuit needs to work frequently to stabilize voltage causing a high correlation between IIN and IAES. The hacker can use the PSCA to observe the IIN change and crack the AES. The proposed circuit uses a stacked method and a technology that can hide AES current information while maintaining high efficiency and high security.
Industrial Applicability
With IoE and privacy become important, the proposed circuit can supply energy to multiple load points while the required energy is only 1/3 of the traditional circuit. When the load point is the AES, the DBIC and the LCFG can randomly generate the noise current and hide the Iin. Thus, the circuit can reduce the correlation between IIN and IAES and improve security.
Keyword DLDO power side attack Digital Balanced Interleaving Control Leakage Current Frequency Generator Stacked Security Noise Injection Correlation Internet of Everything True Random Noise
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