• Technical Name
  • Applying CGI Go Programs to Go Tutoring
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  • National Chiao Tung University
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  • 柯月卿
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  • cindy69.ko@gmail.com
Technical Description DeepMind successfully developed AlphaGo, a Go program, beating top human players. However, the current Go programs based on AlphaGo still cannot be used in Go Tutoring, e.g., life-and-death problems, block connections, global board evaluations. In this technique, we solve these problems for tutoring based on CGI programs, developed by our group in the past.
Scientific Breakthrough Although the current AlphaGo-like programs can surpass top human players, they still cannot exactly provesolve some common tutoring problems well, like life-and-death (L&D) questions. Here, we propose to combine deep reinforcement learningrelevance zone techniques to solve L&D problems.
Industrial Applicability (Provided later)