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  • Virus Hunter: Smart Genotyping on Upper Respiratory Pathogens in AI
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  • 資訊科學研究所
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  • Online display only
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  • 林仲彥
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  • cylin@iis.sinica.edu.tw
Technical Description We are the first team to to classify upper respiratory viruses (UV) family by deep learning approach (CNN). The model are implemented into a web platform as a handy tool for sub-typing UV related sequences in high confidencedeep strain resolution.
Scientific Breakthrough We are the first team to develop the CNN model for classifying 11 categories of upper respiratory viruses (UV). The web application (UV hunter) we implemented is fully automatic to provide preciserapid prediagnosis on genotype based on those long reads in third-generation sequencers with low cost. Such an approach will benefit clinical laboratories, research community for disease surveillance
Industrial Applicability We are going to collaborate with medical institutes, hospitals, bio-industries,research community to validate our work clinically. Meanwhile, we seek any possibility to apply this integrated solution to provide preciserapid prognosis on the genotypes of respiratory viruses even down to specific strains, especially for those notorious strains with high virulence like EV71, D68.