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  • Bacteria Detection Chip-The Rapid Detection of Water Pathogens
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  • National Chiao Tung University
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  • 鄭采和
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Technical Description Current bacteria detection methods are complicatedthe detection time can exceed 72 hoursdon't meet modern needs. Our team chose a common bacteriahas developed an E. coli sensor. Labeling cell culture are not neededresults are available in 30 minutes. The E. coli sensor can be produced commerciallythe core technology can be used to detect different bacteriabe used
Scientific Breakthrough Traditional bacteria detection methods require excess amount of time to get results. In contrast, our bacteria detection chip eliminates complex proceduresonly need 30 minutes to obtain results. It can be made by commercial methods, lowering costs. The chip is highly sensitivespecific. By changing the antibody, the chip can detect different bacteria. The detector can be made into a porta
Industrial Applicability The bacteria detection market includes many different fields. Our first focus is on the detection of E. coli in water. Besides tapdrinking water, fish farms also need to monitor water quality. The E. coli detector has an competitive edge with a 30 minute detect time. E. coli is a marker for feces contamination,is a target in various fields, making it easier to promote our technology.