• Technical Name
  • Glass-fiber bag filters for high temperature application
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  • National Taipei University of Technology
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  • 陳裔茵
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  • eillenchen@mail.ntut.edu.tw
Technical Description Glass fiber fabrics made from twisted expanded-yarns with a double woven method is coated with various types of PTFE suspension solution for different applications to form PTFE coated glass fiber fabrics,then the ePTFE membrane is pasted on the fabrics to meet the high PM2.5 removal demand for environmental concern.
Scientific Breakthrough The developed suspension solutions containing PTFE, graphite, coupling agentdispersing agent greatly improve folding endurance, acid,high-temperature resistance,the bonding strength between glass fiber fabricsePTFE of the bag filter.
Industrial Applicability The twistedexpanded yarns with a double woven process developed can be trimmed to meet the demand of architecture, aerospace,filtration industry.