Technical Name EvaluationTraining of Vestibular, Visual, Postural alignmentGait Stability during Over-ground Walking
Project Operator Taipei Veterans General Hospital/National Yang-Ming University
Project Host 高崇蘭
We established a walking DVA platform which can evaluate functional performance in healthydiseased individuals during walking. The results can provide valuable data for custom-made training modules. Furthermore, we can establish an interactive training program according the results. Patients with vestibular hypofunction can improve functional performance by this training paradigm.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.	Interdisciplinary integration:The technology include estimate,  designtraining program.
2.	Telemedicine for rehabilitation.
3.	Dynamic estimatetraining program.
4.	Integrate wearable sensorwireless technology.
5.	Robotic platform can follow the subject automatically.
6.	Science evidencepatent:25 papers (SCI5:4 papers). TaiwanUSA patent.
Industrial Applicability
In Taipei Veterans General HospitalNational Yang Ming University, our technology already appliedvalidate it can not only distinguish the patient whether with vestibular hypofunction but also improve functional performance. In the future, it can integrate with AIcloud technology become AI-based telemedicine. The estimated market demand will reached 90 million NTD.
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