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FUTEX 2021-CF Explore the unknown, carry the future

FUTEX 2021-Highlights

FUTEX Forum 2021-How AWS Empowers Personalized Healthcare Service

FUTEX Forum 2021-Entering into AI Healthcare Era: How NVIDIA Revolutionizes Health Industry

FUTEX Forum 2021-Science Fiction In Reality: What Humans Can Do In Space In the Next Decade?

FUTEX Forum 2021-Digital Transformation: enter e-Estoniathe coolest digital society

FUTEX Forum 2021-Space PolicyIndustry in Lithuania

FUTEX Forum 2021-Digital Transformation_Backbone of e-Government: The Introduction of X Road

FUTEX Forum 2021-Czech Republic space industry in ESAEUSPA

FUTEX Forum 2021-Bringing high-speed Internet to South-East Asia & the Pacific

FUTEX Forum 2021-Czech academic institutions in space

FUTEX Forum 2021-Taiwans New Opportunity in the Global Satellite Communication Market

FUTEX Forum 2021-How Can AIData Drive Growth in the Precision Health Industry?

FUTEX 2021-Chainos Solution JSC - Blockchain Technology

FUTEX 2021-Chainos Solution JSC - AI Technology

FUTEX 2021-Carl Zeiss Taiwan - ZEISS Vision Technology Solutions

FUTEX 2021-CoatingsAdhesives, Covestro - UVEnergy Beam Curing Technology

FUTEX 2021-TEAMOSA Inc - Bio-radar non-contact vital sign measurement

FUTEX 2021-Taelor - Taelor AI

FUTEX 2021-LifeSense Group - Digital Health Innovation for Life

FUTEX 2021-NeuraLegion - Nexploit

FUTEX 2021-Drazni revize, ltd. - Modulated smart railroad sensing platforms 4 0

FUTEX 2021-CNC Asia JSC - Blockchain QR Authentication Code for QualificationsCertificates

FUTEX 2021-Industrial Technology Development Institute - Power Back Up System for Large Equipment

FUTEX 2021-AR Challenges Ltd. - Waste to Energy Circular Economy

FUTEX 2021-L7 Defense - Ammune TM

FUTEX 2021-Wonders ai - AR & Virtual characters

FUTEX 2021-Origin Wireless Taiwan Corporation - Remote Patient Monitoring

FUTEX 2021-PowerArena - AI Human Factors AnalysisClassification System

FUTEX 2021-Ogeeg - Digital planar speaker audio systems