• TIE Online Exhibition is ready to go: The annual technological event with the most industrial knowledge

2021 -09 -10
In response to the post-epidemic era, we will strengthen the actual implementation of digital transformation. During the exhibition period from October 14th to October 23rd, in addition to digital display technology, there will also be a number of online international trend forums and topic conversations. The content spans "digital transformation", "Precision Health" and "Space Technology" will invite domestic and foreign industry, government, academia and research giants to have a discussion.

In addition, through 30 CEO TALKs, they will have free talks with domestic and foreign giants, focusing on key dialogues such as information and digital, information security excellence, precision health, green power and renewable energy, national defense and strategy, people's livelihood and combat readiness, and share refined innovations with all walks of life Industry perspective. In addition to display and audio-visual activities, the online exhibition is equipped with professional business system online negotiation, technology promotion and matchmaking and other diversified activities, ready to expand your new horizons.

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